34. To Live In An Idea Is Wealth Not Measured In Money

Berlin Tower photo from  here .

Berlin Tower photo from here.

A young architect friend of mine recently asked me what he should read to better understand the work of John Hejduk. It's a good question without an easy answer. This list of observations on the Berlin Tower goes a long way in appreciating what Hejduk accomplished and provide a keyhole view into the enormity of his work. It's an amazing read.

I really can't add much more to the above article. My only quibble would be about item #53. I don't see these "ornaments" as stars, but as crosses. Take a look, you decide. Besides this, the author's enumerated experiences and sensations are a nearly perfect way to discuss how one can understand and how one inhabits a Hejduk building. The author shares insightful observations and an intense internalization of one of Hejduk's very few built works.

Thank you, Shuman Basar for writing this. I hope to meet you one day, drinks are on me.