manifest AD was founded in 2007 when Jeb Brookman moved from Brooklyn, NY, to Philadelphia, PA. He believed and anticipated that Philadelphia would provide opportunities to an aspiring architect that were not attainable in NYC. He was right. Philadelphia proffers immense possibilities and tremendous inspiration. It remains a city of firsts. In Philly you can make things happen without being a hedge fund manager or a trustafarian. Philadelphia is a city filled with potential. There is a meaningful creative class working in Philadelphia that make art not just show it.

Jeb Brookman holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the Cooper Union in New York City. While at CU he studied with John Hejduk, Lebbeus Woods and Raimund Abraham (no web link available, blessedly, but to endeavor to understand Raimund's existence his pre-death epitaph is here), a triumvirate of forceful architects unfortunately no longer with us whose wisdom, vision, optimism, talent, genius and influence resonates in perpetuity. The world is fortunate to have had these individuals engaged in the discipline and Jeb was blessed to have been able to interact with these significant thinkers and makers.

He is also a beneficiary of Peter Cooper's erstwhile legacy of providing tuition free education to all students who were qualified to gain admission to the institution, a privilege and honor unfortunately no longer extended to the current generation of architects, artists and engineers studying at CU and a tremendous loss to NYC and the world.

In addition to his degree from CU he holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan. He cherishes his tenure in Ann Arbor as the time in his life where he discovered the joy of thinking about space, history, books, libraries, design, buildings, how to engage the built environment in a meaningful way and coexisted with numerous, inspirational, like minded individuals, a watershed moment in his life.

Jeb is currently registered to practice architecture in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New York. He is NCARB accredited and can procure a license to practice in any state in the union should the need arise.