Postgreen Getting Some Well Deserved Recognition

Chad and Courtney Ludeman of Postgreen Homes are recognized in this month's Philly Magazine as being  two of the Best Philadelphians. A well deserved and hard earned appellation.

Duplexellence 2.0 facades. 

Duplexellence 2.0 facades. 

They have been doing tremendous development in Philadelphia and have made amazingly positive contributions to the built environment here. They have established a model for development that puts most other developers to shame. There's a way to make things beautiful and to encourage great design and not be a scumbag about it. This is one of many projects spearheaded by the visionary people at Postgreen. I strongly encourage you to take a look at their website to understand what they are accomplishing.

I've been exceptionally fortunate to work with Chad and Postgreen on a number of projects. The Philly Mag article mentions a project that I designed called Duplexellence II that can also be seen on my website here, photo above. 

Keep a lookout for Duplexellence 3.0.