Drawings From Underground

3 views of Waterloo Station

3 views of Waterloo Station

Friends and family always ask me how I seem to know instinctively which way to navigate through subway systems from underground to street level. It's because I imagine a spatial map in my head of the relationship between the street and the train tunnels when transiting between the subterranean commuter world into the sunlight and back. It's a little game I play with myself.

Lo and behold, Transport for London has created axonimetric drawings of the stations of the London Underground system, much to my delight.

A few of my favorites below.


The axonimetrics are oddly reminiscent of Tschumi's Manhattan Transcripts drawings and in some cases appear as subterranean realizations of Antonio Sant'Elia drawings (some examples below).

The station drawings can also be easily imagined as nodes within Guy Debord's "Discours sur les Passions de L'Amour".  If I can make some time I might try my hand at proposing a Psychogeographical Guide to London using the Tube station drawings as a starting point.

It would be great to see a similar effort exerted towards the NYC subway stations and our fair SEPTA system here in Philadelphia.